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(Video) Taiwanese Animation Treatment Of Red Sox’s Epic Meltdown Is Brilliant

The hits keep on coming from Next Media Animation. And they have really outdone themselves with their latest installment: “Epic meltdown leads to big changes for Red Sox”

Via NMA World Edition:

The Boston Red Sox suffered for decades under the Curse of the Bambino. But with World Series wins in 2004 and 2007, it seemed the curse had been reversed.

The Sox were doing well before blowing up in September. Some do not blame the Bambino, but a pitching staff that got lazy: eating fried chicken and drinking beer during games.

In the most epic implosion in history, the Red Sox went from leading the division to missing out on the playoffs.

Manager Terry Francona and GM Theo Epstein are gone. Star hitter David Ortiz might be next. How would Big Papi look in pinstripes?

Wow. Who knew Babe Ruth’s phantom knocked Mookie Wilson’s batted ball down, causing Bill Buckner to miss it in the 1986 World Series and that his spirit continues to haunt Fenway to this day? Not me, although I bet the Bambino was crazy jealous he couldn’t share in the buckets of KFC and beer in the clubhouse.

And Big Papi? How could you make Wally the Green Monster cry like that? Shame on you. Didn’t you already inflict enough psychological damage on that poor creature in that SportsCenter commercial?