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(Video) LSU Fan, Florida Fan Engage In Tailgate Pole-Dancing Contest

SEC Speed? More like SEC Bleed, as in what is presently happening to my eyes as a result of watching that freaky scene. Goodness gracious, that is straight-up, Grade-A nightmare fuel right there, folks. And I bet you clicked through believing you were going to see to sultry coeds try to one up one another in a pole-dancing contest. I guess you could say you’ve been hoodwinked. Sorry about that.

And yes, your possibly bleeding eyes are not deceiving you: that is a Florida Gators fan and an LSU Tigers fan engaging in some kind of ill-conceived dance-off prior to the teams squaring off last Saturday. Sure, LSU might have won the game, but as the old saying goes, “When two bald, rather portly college football fans take off their shirts and engage in an impromptu dancing contest where a street sign is used as an improvised pole on which these two greasy individuals proceed to grind their bodies upon in a most disturbing manner, everybody loses.”

Yes, that’s a real saying. It’s kind of wordy so I’m not surprised it hasn’t caught on. But you cannot argue with the accuracy of the statement contained therein.

[H/T Kegs ‘N Eggs]