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(Video) Diminutive Rugby Player Drops Massive Opponent Like A Bag Of Dirt

Crikey! I don’t understand all the nuances of the fine sport of rugby but I am quite able to wrap my brain around the magnificent play this pint-sized player makes when he absolutely crushes his considerably larger foe. Textbook tackling form by the little guy got the job done.

This Rugby edition of “JACKED UP!” occurred during a National Rugby League match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Penrith Panthers. The little guy is New Zealand’s Lance ‘The Huntley Hurricane” Hohaia and the player who will have to explain to his mates how he got floored by a man half his size is Penrith’s 6-foot-4, 242-pound behemoth, Petero Civoniceva.

The excitable announcer compared it to “David slaying Goliath!” Apt comparison. Way to score one for the little guys, “The Huntley Hurricane.”

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