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(Photo) Who Took Coyotes Winger Shane Doan’s Rookie Card Photo? Lifetouch?

Holy crap, that is…awful, just awful. First we had Tony Romo’s yearbook photo yesterday, now this? Only this isn’t a yearbook photo, although it sure does look like one.

Way back in 1995, Shane Doan was drafted as the seventh-overall pick by the Winnipeg Jets, who are of course became the Phoenix Coyotes. And Winnipeg now has a team again, called the Jets. Only in the NHL.

Also only in the NHL, evidently: forcing draftees to have their rookie card photos taken while standing in ridiculous poses. I mean look at that. It’s hideously hilarious. Obviously, I imagine Doan wishes that awkward photo would have never seen the light of day again, hoping somehow the embarrassing image simply faded away. But no. Somebody had to dredge it up out of the past. But who?

Leave it to his oddball teammate, Paul Bissonnette, a/k/a @BizNasty2point0 on Twitter, to unleash the card upon the masses in order to reignite the mocking and the ridicule. Well done, BizNasty. I’m sure your teammate is thrilled.