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(Photo) LeBron James Gets To Feel What It’s Like To Hold A Championship Trophy

Now there’s something you thought you’d never see: LeBron James holding a championship trophy for a professional sports league. Granted, he had no part of winning it as a competitor, but as a Liverpool F.C. shareholder, I guess one could argue that he’s at least tangentially involved with the organization who possesses said trophy.

James is over in Merry Old England to take in Liverpool’s match against Manchester United on Sunday and if you have been following his globetrotting travails on Twitpic, you are aware he is having a grand old time across the pond.

It remains to be seen if LeBron will ever triumphantly hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy during his NBA career, but at least he now has a taste of what it’s like to be a champion. Sort of. I guess for now he’ll just have to be content with winning a free order of fries at McDonald’s. Which isn’t a terrible thing, I guess.

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