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If This Card Stunt Is Pulled Off By Hawkeye Fans At Kennick Stadium On Saturday…Wow

You do know what I am referring to when I use the term “card stunt,” right? An astounding feat of timing, coordination, precision with a dash of Groupthink when a crowd in a stadium are provided with cards which they then hold up to create a stunning display, like the United States flag or something of that ilk.

Well, on Saturday, when the Iowa Hawkeyes take on the Northwestern Wildcats at Kennick Stadium, the folks within the Iowa athletic department have something massive and quite ambitious planned for their card stunt exploits. As you can see above, they will attempt to accomplish not one, but two separate card stunts: one before the National Anthem and one afterward. The first will involve the aforementioned nod to patriotism and the second will pay homage to the team’s colors and the school’s America Needs Farmers initiative. And yes, we do need farmers in this great land of ours: where do you think the Colombian coffee you’re drinking this morning came from? Wait, that’s a poor example, but you know what I mean. I think Doritos are grown here, right?

Anyhoo, it should be quite interesting to see if the patrons at Kennick Stadium will be able to pull of this ambitious card stunt. They do have previous experience with such attempts, albeit not quite as complex as this one, yet I imagine they will fare well in this very complex endeavor.

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