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I Fully Approve Of Jared Allen’s Non-NFL Player Sack Wish List

While the Minnesota Vikings have been horrible this season, blowing sizable halftime leads in three of the team’s four losses, defensive end Jared Allen has been on an absolute tear, leading the league with 8.5 sacks. Allen made an appearance alongside Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday recently on NFL Total Access (video available here). Among the topics discussed were whether or not LeBron James could actually succeed in the NFL and what Jared Allen’s dream list of people he’d like to sack who do not play in the NFL. They are:

  1. Tom Cruise
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Carl Peterson
  4. All politicians
  5. All reality TV stars

Fantastic. Obviously, former Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson makes the list due to the bad blood that exists between the two — or at least as far as Allen is concerned — due to Allen’s days in Kansas City, but you have to love the other four entries. Tom Cruise? He’s so smug. And that Johnny Depp? What a phony baloney. Actually, in the interest of total disclosure, I have to disagree with Johnny Depp’s inclusion on the list — he seems like a pretty cool dude — but I respect Allen’s right to want to sack him.

Finally, I admire the fact Allen didn’t limit himself to one politician or single out one reality TV star, he wants to take them all down. Kudos.