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Tony Romo’s High School Yearbook Photo Is Priceless

"Most Likely To Underachieve"

Wait. Antonio? Why is the first time I have heard of this? Other than the fact I never cared nor have I ever looked into it. But with my interest piqued, I checked Wikipedia — an always reliable source — and it’s true. Huh.

The fact that I’m a bit slow on the Antonio uptake aside, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Romo’s photo from the Burlington High School (WI) yearbook is hilarious. Perhaps not in the conventional sense, I suppose, but there’s something about it that causes me to chuckle. Maybe it’s because I wonder if Present Tony Romo had the chance to go back time and impart wisdom he has gained over the years to Young Tony Romo, what would it be? My hope is it would be to not pattern his quarterbacking style after local sports legend Brett Favre.

Finally, what’s the deal with the sheet music in the background? Was Romo a band geek, too? So many questions, some of which might have been answered had I taken the time to read the interview of Romo in The Dallas Morning News from which this photo was culled. But once again, I don’t really care. I got all I needed out of it by way of this fantastic photo.

Tony Romo: On if he’s friends with LeBron James; quitting football for PGA [The Dallas Morning News]