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Having Tim Tebow Star In A ‘Die Hard’ Movie Is An Interesting Idea

"I'll get you, random Eastern European Terrorist Guy!!!"

According to a report in the Miami Herald, Tom Rothman, co-chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is kicking around the idea of having Tim Tebow star as Bruce Willis’ son in the upcoming sequel in the Die Hard series franchise, tentatively entitled, A Good Day to Die Hard.

In a tongue-in-cheek manner, Rothman briefly touched upon the out-of-the-box idea during an appearance on Jim Rome’s radio program.

 “What do you think of Tebow in the lead?’’ Rothman asked Rome and the listening audience. Rome did not give Tebow a thumbs up.

“He might be too nice,” Rome said, referring to Tebow’s wholesome reputation. “But no one would work harder to make it work.” Rothmans says, regardless, he expects many young Hollywood actors to audition for the part. “We have to find just the right guy.”

Yes, no one would make it harder to make it work. Because everything Tebow has achieved in his life has been through hard work, determination and grittiness. In fact, why don’t they get Wes Welker to sign on in some sort of sidekick role? Now that’s a guy who knows how to give it all with the requisite amount of grit.

With all that in mind, Rothman did say that many Hollywood actors will be auditioning for the role of McClane’s son, so the chance of Tebow landing the part is more or less a long shot. But then again, everything Tebow has accomplished in his life was initially believed to be a long shot. The fact that Tebow can’t act probably will hurt his chances, too, but it didn’t seem to damage Bruce Willis’ long career.

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