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Breaking MLB Playoffs News: Ron Washington Is Off Sunflower Seeds!

Like many men who live their lives within the confines of the ballpark due to their role as actors in the great show that is America’s Pastime, Ron Washington enjoys himself a nice bag of sunflower seeds. Due to the slow-moving nature of the game, the repetitive and habitual act of putting a handful of sunflower seeds in your mouth, extracting the seeds and spitting out the shells has its own easygoing, natural rhythm, much like baseball itself. The Rangers manager loves sunflower seeds, in fact, that he admits to sometimes going through two bags of seeds in only one game. Apparently, his favorite kind is ranch-flavored.

But sadly, Washington has put the kibosh on his sunflower seed habit. Via ESPN Dallas:

“I’m off the seeds for now,” Washington said. “Last night, I chewed 9 pieces of gum. I’m not chewing. Last night was the first night I went through a whole game without a bag.”

So, the question remains, why would he stop doing something he evidently enjoys so much? The answer? It’s all because of the old ball and chain: his wife, Gerry. You see, Gerry has become much too disgusted with seeing the image of her husband and the way in which he went about his seed-eating on the television.

“I was getting pressure put on me,” Washington said. “She said, ‘Everybody eats seeds, but nobody looks like you.'”

Harsh. You know, his predicament reminds me of a great quote from former NBA star Sam Cassell which he made many years ago: “Some guys run their house. Some guys run around their house. I’m a guy who runs my house!”

Come on, Ron Washington, be more like the man Cassell talks about in the beginning of his quote, no the other guy. At least as far as it involves your enjoyment of delicious sunflower seeds. And lighten up on your hubby, Gerry, in light of your husband’s past, some annoying habits are much, much worse than others.

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