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(Video) Little Girl Playing Soccer Takes Slide Tackle Lickin’, Keeps On Tickin’

Holy cow, that is one tough young lady right there. And that was one vicious slide tackle to which she was on the receiving end. So much so, she almost did a complete flip, which isn’t surprising considering the opponent who took her out was about twice her size, not to mention quite aggressive. Where was the referee on that one?

But if you think that’s going to prevent this young warrior from competing, think again. She picks herself up, doesn’t even bother to take the time to brush herself off or compose herself and promptly gets back into the play…until she’s involved in additional episode of heavy pitch contact, crashing to the ground in a heap of humanity including herself, her slide-tackling rival and another teammate. What heart.

Clearly, there is not one thing that can happen on the pitch that will stop this little firecracker. She keeps her compete level needle up in the red until the whistle is blown. I just hope my baby daughter has half the competitive spirit this little whippersnapper possesses. Well done.

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