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Photos Surface Capturing A-Rod Looking Like An Insufferable Jerk

I know, it’s a mind-blowing development, but try and keep up here. After all, Alex Rodriguez’s reputation as an all-around good guy is well documented, right?

After crapping the bed by batting .111 in the ALDS against the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees anti-slugger Alex Rodriguez is taking some well-deserved R&R down Florida way. You know, just trying to get away from it all: the pressures, the stress, the shirking of the responsibility of actually performing respectably in one’s job. It can be quite exhausting.

Thanks to the New York Post, we have photographic documentation of the fact that A-Rod took some much-needed time off from everything in order to enjoy some golfing in Miami, in between dismissively waving off a fan (above) with a hint of outright hostility and irritation and playing peek-a-boo with a photographer behind a parking meter (below). Great guy, that A-Rod. But the photos of him with a fat stogie plugged in his piehole at the golf course truly capture the essence of his douchiness and exemplify why he will never be loved by Yankees fans, nor the general public at large.

How very…smug and smarmy. It’s hard not to loathe the guy.

But finally, the photographic coupe de grace to Rodriguez’s Relative Likeability Ratio (RLR – now there’s a stat he could excel in, even in the postseason) from the New York Post‘s story: as alluded to above, A-Rod Peek-A-Boo:


A-Rod now taking swings on golf course [New York Post]