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(Photo) The Reaction By Andy Murray To The Unveiling Of A Statue Of Him Is Priceless

British tennis star Andy Murray had an honor bestowed upon him few ever have the opportunity to enjoy: to have one’s likeness recreated in statue form…terribly.

Murray, in Shanghai, China for the Rolex Masters this week, is seen above reacting to a statue of him depicted as a Terra Cotta Warrior, and the only way I can properly explain the look on his face is abject confusion, perhaps with a little bit of shock and horror thrown in there as well, as in, “What the fungus? Bloody hell, this can’t be me. There must be some mix-up here. This cannot be how people perceive me, right?”

I mean, look at thing. It’s hideous. What’s the deal with the hair, or what appears to be hair? To me, the bulbous bumps and dips in the sculpture’s cranial area make Ugly Terra Cotta Warrior Andy Murray Statue appear less like a fitting and accurate tribute to a great tennis player and more like the poor guy suffered from the same grotesque condition as the Elephant Man. Yikes.

According to a post on We Are Tennis, every singles winner of the Shanghai Masters is rewarded for their championship with their own Terra Cotta Warrior. Seems like an awfully mean-spirited way to pay tribute.

Amusing video of Murray’s consternating, at-a-loss reaction as he poses for photos alongside his statue in complete bemusement follows.

Hilarious. I imagine there are about a thousand other places Murray would have preferred to be than standing next to his own personal Nightmare Fuel in Terra Cotta form.

[image via The Telegraph]