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Finally, Quality Video Of Steve Young’s Birthday Flash Mob In All Its Awkward Glory

How delightfully embarrassing for the San Francisco 49ers great. Last week, TMZ had some grainy video of the flash mob Steve Young’s wife, Barbara, sprung upon him during a dinner celebrating the Hall of Famer’s 50th birthday, but thanks to Flash Mob America (because if there’s one thing that needs a national governing body, it’s the increasingly-annoying flash mob craze), we have high-quality video of the scene, all the way from the first act where Young has no idea what is about to happen, to the second act featuring the performance to finally, the third act where Young’s reaction to the freaky scene is captured. Sad to say he looks pretty impressed by it all.

But in the end, I suppose it is a good thing the entire performance has been preserved on video for future viewings by the ESPN NFL analyst. Given the amount of times Steve Young’s brain was knocked around during his impressive career, it’s entirely possible he didn’t even remember it the next day. Personally, I’d say that would be a nice benefit of experiencing several concussions during one’s adult life, but then again, I’m not a Mormon.

[H/T The Big Lead (by way of Sports Grid)]