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Scottish Pro Golfer Hits Hole-In-One, Wins Body Weight In Ham

Well, that’s certainly a bizarre prize, albeit a delicious one, so there you go. During the second round of the Madrid Open on Friday, Scotsman Elliot Saltman hit a hole-in-one on the El Encin golf course’s 204-yard third hole and for doing so, he was awarded his body weight in Iberico ham, or Jamón ibérico, in Spanish. Sounds mighty tasty.

So, how much porky deliciousness does that amount to, you ask? The brains behind this unique prize probably wished someone a bit more spry had hit the hole-in-one, because Saltman is a rather large fellow, coming in at 6-foot-4 and weighing thereabouts of 240 pounds. Yep, the Scot just won 240 freaking pounds of ham. Eat up, man.

And by the way, no, the synergy between the bloke’s name who won and the curing process of the meat he was awarded for his golfing feat was not lost on me.

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