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Traps Set Up In Busch Stadium In Order To Eradicate The Great Squirrel Menace

Well it’s about time. After two consecutive nights where a squirrel (or squirrels meaning two or maybe an army of them, who knows?) disrupted play during the National League Division Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies at Busch Stadium this week, stadium operations crews have laid traps out around the grounds to catch the wily tree rats. But do not fret, these traps are of the varmint-friendly variety so no squirrels will be hurt during their forced removal from their home. Also, to entice them, the traps are slathered with peanut butter. Yum.


“We’ve got a couple different reports where we’ve seen two, maybe three, squirrels,” said Cardinal’s Vice President of Stadium Operations Joe Abernathy, “It’s probably a small family that’s in here.”

While fans thrilled to the sight of a “rally squirrel” hopping across the grass in front of Skip Schumaker batting in Wednesday night’s game — and a squirrel sneaking across the infield Tuesday night — Cardinals management is not amused.

“From a stadium operations standpoint, we need to insure that the game can go on without interruption,” Abernathy said.

Gosh-darned right you need to make sure the game can go on without interruption. But be forewarned, Busch Stadium squirrel hunters: those creatures can be a crafty bunch. Before you know it, you’re the one caught in the traps instead of the squirrels. At the same time, maybe that’s just been my experiences with squirrel baiting. But then again, I do love peanut butter, so there you go.

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