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After Having Leg Amputated, Young Woman Still Makes College Soccer Team

Bree McMahon was working at a fundraising car wash at Freedom High School in Orlando in Sept. 2009 when a car accidentally rolled forward, pinning her against a wall and crushing her lower body. The traumatic injuries left McMahon in a coma which was followed by multiple surgeries. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, there was no choice left but to amputate McMahon’s left leg, leaving the soccer player unsure what her future held.

Now, two years later, McMahon, despite everything going against her, has made an unbelievable and remarkable comeback. Courtesy of a “running leg” prosthetic, the college sophomore began training with her school’s soccer team at Brevard College in North Carolina and through incredible hard work and unimaginable perseverance, McMahon made the school’s squad.

From a Click Orlando report (via Off the Bench):

“I have to figure out and adjust my body movements to what I can do instead of what they can do,” said McMahon as she talked with Lauren Rowe via Skype.

McMahon is still training and has not hit the field to play a game, but she says she hopes to be ready for that soon.

McMahon told Rowe her coaches have to work hard to get her to slow down.

“I don’t want to stop, but my coach is like, ‘Bree you’re done for the day’ and I’m like, ‘Ugh,’ because I want to keep going,” said McMahon.

Amazing. What a brave and strong young woman. The entirety of an interview with the inspirational athlete can be found here.

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