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(Video) Today’s The 25th Anniversary Of An NFL Ref Calling A Nut Shot ‘Giving Him The Business’

The day was October 5, 1986. The Buffalo Bills were taking on the New York Jets in an AFC East grudge match. During one particular play, no one could have had any idea that what was about to happen next would ultimately go down in history as one of the most amusing referee explanations in sports history. And we have referee extraordinaire Ben Dreith to thank for it.

After an incomplete pass from Bills QB Jim Kelly, Jets defensive tackle Marty Lyons (misidentified as Mark Gastineau by Dreith) took Kelly down to the ground, but the action did not end there. A skirmish erupted between the two players, eventually culminating in a bit of a scrum, and as players spilled onto the field from the sidelines, overall disorder ensued. Apparently, from Dreith’s vantage point, Lyons took some liberties as the two wrestled on the ground, including what Dreith perceived as some cheap shot blows below the belt. Ouch.

That’s when the magic happened. As Dreith explained the penalty, he pointed over to the Jets defense and said:

“We have a personal foul on #99 of the defense. After he tackled the quarterback, he’s giving him the business down there. That’s a 15-yard penalty.”

But what made it pure gold was Dreith, as he said “giving him the business,” demonstrated the repeated punching actions as he made the call. Brilliant.

So, happy 25th anniversary to you, Ben Dreith. Without your unique style, we might not even have a character like Ed Hochuli refereeing NFL games. And that’s a world I don’t want to live in.

[H/T for the heads up to RandBall]