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(Video) Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau Wants To Clean Your Carpets

Technically, Bruce Boudreau doesn’t want to be the person actually lugging around the equipment cleaning your filthy, disgusting carpets (seriously, do you have farm animals living in your home?), but he does know of a reputable company that does a bang up job in making your carpeted floors look like new, whether they be shag, berber, or, uh, whatever other kinds of carpeting there are in this crazy world.

In his own words, “You need Hadeed.”

Certainly not a mind-blowing piece of advertising, I just always find it amazing when coaches get in on the paid endorsement action, as they rightfully should in the first place. And hey, here’s an interesting factoid: did you know that Boudreau had an uncredited role in Slap Shot as the character Hockey Player #7? Crazy stuff.

[H/T Russian Machine Never Breaks (who also have a second commercial and a blooper outtake)]