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(Video) Brian Wilson Is Acting All Weird Again In A Commercial, This Time For Taco Bell

Jeez, as a man sporting facial hair — although not to the glorious extent of Brian Wilson, of course – I sure wish I had a comely, on-call beard groomer. Yeah, that would be nice.

Coming on the heels of last postseason’s Joe Girardi-Mariano Rivera debacle, is Taco Bell’s most recent foray into having an MLB player pimp their ginormous XXL Chalupas. And with Giants closer Brian Wilson in the mix, you just knew it was going to offbeat, strange and whatever other word for weird you want to throw in there. I mean, have you seen the slice of nightmare fuel that is his appearance in the new NBA 2K12 commercial? That’s actually beyond weird. It’s somewhat off-putting and disturbing, almost to the point I don’t want to buy the game anymore.