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Some Chick From ‘The Bachelor’ I Never Heard Of Is Dating Jeremy Shockey

Oh, how I love me some dishing on When-Pro-Sports-Collides-With-Hollywood-For-A-Steaming-Bowl-Of-Love-Stew! Such love is spice with many tastes. A dizzying array of textures…and moments.

With that in mind, step aside Jay Cuter and Kristen Cavallari, your star-crossed story of reality show starlet falls for surly, somewhat obnoxious NFL player has quickly become bland and tasteless, now that Us Weekly has scooped us on the fact that Emily Maynard of The Bachelor fame — no, I don’t watch the show, I’m far too busy watching reruns of House Hunters and Sarah’s House, you know, manly stuff — is reportedly dating Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey. Do I hear wedding bells? Or is that just my tinnitus playing tricks on me?

Take it away, Us:

“They were set up on a blind date,” a pal of the North Carolina single mom, 25, tells Us Weekly.

A mutual friend on the Panthers staff played matchmaker for the former New York Giant, 31, and the pair dined at BLT Steak in Charlotte’s Ritz-Carlton hotel.

“They’ve been out five times,” says the pal. “Emily thinks Jeremy is nice, but she’s just having fun!”

Oh, I bet she is having fun. How can’t she be having the time of her life while getting escorted on the arm of Jeremy Shockey? Right? Or no? Jeez, I’m not cut out for this gossipy reporting stuff.

But anyhoo, best of luck to them and all their future romantic endeavors. Hey, maybe these two could double date with Cutler and Cavallari or Brady and Gisele or Romo and that chick who married him. Heck, maybe they should all get together for an enjoyable evening out. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot? Yes, yes it would.

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