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(Photos) Gymnast Alicia Sacramone, Golfer Belen Mozo Highlight ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’ Preview

Alrighty then. Not to take away from the tasteful and artistic nature of the photographs which typically grace the pages of ESPN The Magazine‘s annual Body Issue, is it just me, or is this exactly what Jerry Seinfeld was referring to when he was explaining to Elaine how he assumed that the gymnast he was dating would use his body as the apparatus during lovemaking? Just saying.

Moving on, the release of the much ballyhooed “Body Issue” is nearly upon us, so ESPN is providing slack-jawed gawkers a sneak peak at some of the athletes who will be featured in the issue. Additional photo of the lovely Alicia Sacramone follow as well as a couple photos of LPGA newcomer Belen Mozo — whose inclusion in the magazine was mentioned previously at the Sportress — in the buff.


Note: Click on all photos to enlarge

As mentioned above, incredibly artistic and sublimely beautiful. Not to mention, as also alluded to above, very, very tasteful. Wouldn’t you agree? And before some nattering nabobs of negativity criticize me for opting to profile two female athletes, there are many, many additional photos, including some of your favorite male athletes appearing in all their fully naked glory, for all you…ladies…can be found here. Now go waste some valuable time you would be otherwise wasting in a much less enjoyable way.

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