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I Dunno, Man, Hope Solo’s Cover Photo Is Kind Of…Creepy (More ‘Body Issue’ Stuff)

Before going forward, first and foremost, I am a big fan of one Miss Hope Solo. Others may disagree, but I find the U.S. soccer goalie quite attractive, not to mention she sports a pretty well-toned, athletic figure. And secondly, I am by no means in a position to criticize a nude photo of any other person. If that were me up there in that photo and in that pose, Greenpeace International would be dispatching folks to the site of the shoot solely to determine how a beached whale could have ended up so far away from the ocean.

But with that in mind, does the above image strike anyone else as, uh, not good? You have to think the photogs in charge of the shoot had some better pics at their disposal. There’s something about it, that’s…alien-like. As if some creature is is inhabiting her body, just waiting for the precised moment to feast upon the flesh of innocent, unknowing bystanders.

I dunno, maybe I have seen the preview for the remake of The Thing one too many times. That’s probably the reason.

[image via @hopesolo]