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Hey Look, Another Entrant Into The Alex Ovechkin Nightmare Fuel Hall Of Fame

Yamma hamma, it’s Fright Night. I don’t have a PhD in demonology nor am I well-versed in the world of the occult, but I can nevertheless argue that if there were a demon seeking a entrance point out of the fiery pits of Hell into the World of Man as well as an inanimate object it could inhabit in order to unleash its reign of unholy terror, my guess is it would take one look at this bad boy and say, “Yep. That’ll do.”

But, why, you ask, is the above Evil Incarnate Posing As A Seemingly Innocent Child’s Toy referred to as “another entrant into the Alex Ovechkin Nightmare Fuel Hall of Fame? Such short memories, dear friends. Do you not remember this?

Yes, the head from the Alexander Ovechkin wax sculpture soon to be displayed at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in D.C.

Or what about this?

Indeed, the floating, disembodied head from a commercial Ovie did some time ago.

I’m not kidding, the Russian hockey player has cornered the market on Nightmare Fuel. You have been warned. Sleep tight, especially if you are the accursed owner of one of those Ovie dolls. Yikes.

[H/T Mr. Irrelevant]