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Finally, An Anthem For Red Sox Fans Sick Of Not Winning A World Series In A Few Years

An approximation of the first few lines of the “song,” because I wasn’t going to keep listening to it to get right (you’ll understand soon enough):

Red Sox Nation is faceless and complacent
They turned Fenway into Disneyland with pink hats they laced it
This club’s a joke now
Drop all our hands down (???)
Tell all the pink hats to pack all their stuuuufff
We missed the playoffs
Why aren’t you pissed off?
Let’s take back Fenway
We’ve all had enouuughhh…

Okay, I lasted almost 25 seconds. And that was only to attempt to transcribe this steaming pile of hot garbage. See how long you can go before wanting to plunge a letter opener into your ears.

Yes, a joke, indeed. It really must be tough to be a Boston sports fan. I can see why they’ve all had enouuughhh. What a jagoff song.

[H/T Sports Pickle]