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(Video) Kid’s Inability To Stay Seated Helps Him Avoid Serious Injury At Rays Game

You think it would be easy for a kid to sit back and enjoy his favorite MLB team, the Tampa Bay Rays, take on the Texas Rangers from the comfort of a nice, plush recliner located along the third base line at Tropicana Field last night. But no, his dad might have splurged a bit too much on cotton candy and Cracker Jax, because this particular Rays fan just couldn’t stay seated while cheering on the home team. And do you know what? It might have spared him a trip to the emergency room.

In the top of the 7th inning and the Rangers at the plate, catcher Mike Napoli absolutely scalded a foul ball down the line on a rope…smashing directly into the recliner where the boy presumably was just sitting a mere moments earlier. A close call to be sure. The kid should be thanking his lucky stars he’s hyperactive and can’t sit down.

Sure, the kid got the ball, but the Rays lost by a score of 4-3 to go down to Texas two games to one. I wonder if this kid would rather been drilled with the ball and had the Rays win. Granted, it might have stung for a bit, but going up 2-1 in a division series lasts a lifetime. Okay, maybe not a lifetime — more like until the next game — but at least he would have had something to show his classmates to prove was in the crowd and a small part of the action. Like a ginormous knot and a ghastly bruise. Little boys love that stuff.

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