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(Video) In Russia, The Fastest Ever Soccer Goal Off Kick-Off Scores You!

You know, I never really understood how to do those Yakov Smirnoff “In Soviet Russia, (fill in the blank) you!”, which is clearly evidenced by the above headline fail. What I do understand, however, is scoring a goal of the kick-off of a match is pretty darn fast and about the quickest a goal can be scored in the grand game of soccer.

From vlogger 101greatgoalsFan (via The Guardian):

Goal in the execution of MMichail Osinov in the match between Mitos (Novocherkassk) – Olympia (Gelendzhik), the second league, region “South”

Goal in the execution of MMichail Osinov? He was killed for scoring the goal? Is Vladimir Putin already back reaching into his old bag of tricks over there?

Now that’s some savvy political commentary for you guys. Hard-hitting soccer analysis interspersed with details revealing an astute grasp of the state of global politics: you won’t find stuff like that on every sports blog out there. Which I suppose is a good thing in hindsight.