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(Video) Cameraman Goes DERP! Trying To Capture Adrian Beltre’s Home Run Trot

Ha. There is truly nothing worse than having a profoundly embarrassing moment captured on video. To make matters much, much worse, having it subsequently broadcast on national television for all the world to see is not a good thing either. Compound that by the fact it will receive a litany of views on the interwebs in this new modern age, hoo boy. And now, cameraman Tim Burke knows this sad reality of an “Epic Fail Caught On Tape” all too well.

While attempting to get a close-up view of Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre trotting home after rounding third after a home run in the top of the 2nd inning during Game 4 of Texas’ division series against the Tampa Bay Rays, Burke’s feet got all tangled up, causing him to come crashing down in a flailing heap of humanity and embarrassment over a period of several stumbling steps. He might have broken his camera, too. Double ouch.

Don’t worry, though, Tim Burke: infamy on the internet only feels like it lasts forever.

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