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Golf Digest’s ‘Tiger Woods Facial Hair Options’ Video Is A Hairy Hoot

Ha. That’s good stuff right there. I elected to highlight Tommy Chong above, but Cheech Marin also makes an appearance, not to mention Albert Einstein, the cue-balled look of Mr. Clean, Frank Zappa, Abe Lincoln, Mr. T, a member of ZZ Top and William Shakespeare are also accounted for. It’s all a rather silly exercise, but given that Tiger hasn’t given much for the golfing media community to write about relating to his play on the course, I suppose having a little fun with the facial hair look Tiger has been toying with over the past year or so is acceptable and worthy of a little good-natured lampooning.

The video, entitled, “The Many Faces Of Tiger Woods…Real And Imagined” follows. Enjoy.

Good stuff, although the Mr. Miyagi one could possibly be considered to have at the very least the slightest, subtle racist overtones. Or not. At least they avoided the pitfalls which would have been associated with adorning Tiger’s face with a Hitler mustache. Right, Hank Williams, Jr.?

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]