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Warning: Georgia Tech Football’s New Video, ‘Trippy Mane,’ Might Cause Seizures

Apparently, it’s 2011 and the Georgia Tech football team is “Trippy Mane.” And it is something the team likes to let their fans know prior to every Yellow Jackets home game at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field.

Good to know. Good to know. If I only knew what “Trippy Mane” actually meant, this little video, which should never, ever be shown to a person afflicted with epilepsy, might be informative. Seriously, my eyes are all bugging out on me now Thanks a lot for getting all Trippy Mane on me, guys. Now I’m seeing trails and stuff and need to quarantine myself in dark, quiet room for an hour or two just to regain my faculties.

[H/T Sports Crackle Pop!]