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(Video) Why In The Heck Did A Dodgers Player Cradle His Teammate Like A Baby?

Sure, the Los Angeles Dodgers had nothing to play for in their final game Wednesday night against the Arizona Diamondback, but that didn’t preclude catcher Rod Barajas and shortstop Dee Gordon from continuing to carry on their disturbing pregrame routine where, after a sequence of handshakes, Barajas picks up Gordon and cradles and rocks Gordon like a baby. It’s incredibly weird.

Hey, whatever floats your boat guys, and if it all this has to do with some silly superstition, so be it. But one thing: if this bizarre practice evolves to the point where diapers and a changing table become a necessity in order to complete the act, please do it back in the trainer’s room, or anywhere else which conveniently far away from the cameras. Thank you.

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