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Sweet, The Eagles Reporter Fight Received The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Hilarious. By now you might have heard how a feud between two rival reporters covering the Philadelphia Eagles beat erupted into a bit of a scuffle in the locker room earlier this week. Of course, given the salacious nature of the The text from the video transcribed:

Even though Eagles writers Jeff McLane and Les Bowen work for newspapers under the same media group, competition is fierce.

When Mclane broke news that quarterback Michael Vick will be back on Sunday despite an injury, Bowen tweeted snarkily that McLane ‘made it up’.

McLane tweeted back that Bowen was an ‘old man’ not breaking stories anymore. A twitter war was on.

But the duo weren’t finished. After a verbal altercation at the Eagles complex, Bowen hit McLane on the head.

Only in Philly do we see players giving a blow-by-blow for a fight between the reports. Will the audience join in next?

How do you like that? Even animated Taiwanese reports take potshots at Philadelphia, but that’s not even the best part of the video. The way in which they illustrate the “Twitter War” (McLane and Bowen shooting Twitter birds out of bazookas at each other) was a hoot, not to mention the apparently fiery case of gas which apparently caused McLane to become engulfed in flames. Must have eaten too many cheesesteaks or something.