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(Photos) Chargers DT Antonio Garay: Picture Me Rollin’ (In A Hello Kitty Smart Car)

Wow. Just wow. Color me impressed by Antonio Garay’s Helly Kitty-emblazoned convertible smart car. The most shocking aspect of it all is the car actually has the requisite horsepower to propel Garay’s 6-foot-4, 320-pound fame down the street. Not only that, in one of the photos below, Garay’s Chargers teammate Cam Thomas also hops in for a ride. That is a whole mess of humanity in such a tiny vehicle. It reminds me of one of those clown cars you see at the circus where the face-painted, floppy-shoed performers keep on piling out of it…only on a massive amount of steroids. And bearing a Hello Kitty decal.

Additional images of Garay’s sweet ride follow.


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