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Gotta Support The Team: Shaving An NHL Logo Into Your Back Hair Edition


This die-hard Boston Bruins fan — who also happens to be the only Sasquatch who has successfully made the monumental adjustment of living among humans, apparently — shaved the team’s logo into his matted mass of back hair in a desperate attempt to procure himself some opening night tickets, according to the fine folks at NESN. Well, if shaving NHL logos into back hair is an art form, consider this guy, um, the Michelangelo “Shaving NHL Logos Into Back Hair.” Or something.

Now, if you find this guy’s back hair art disgusting, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until you get a gander at what patch of body hair he shaved the Boston Red Sox logo into. I won’t give it away, but in light of the team’s epic collapse, I’m pretty sure you can venture a guess. Yep. That’s gross, too.