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(Video) Michelle Wie Is A Big Fan Of McDonald’s Smoothies

But then again, who isn’t? They’re quite delicious.

Joining LeBron James as a celebrity pitch-person for the aggressive marketing campaign from McDonald’s to pimp their über-popular, annual Monopoly contest is the lovely and talented Michelle Wie. According the Golden Arches’ statisticians, the chance of Michelle Wie getting her next hole-in-one on any given day is 1 in 50,000, but the odds of her being certifiably adorable in this commercial? Prettay prettay prettay prettay good.

But I have one issue with the commercial: that golf cart Wie is operating is clearly not street legal. What gives, Michelle? That’s wholly irresponsible and I fully expect Annika Sorenstam to criticize Wie for this decision as well.

[H/T Dogs That Chase Cars]