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(Video) Kobe Bryant Is Not Good At Taking Soccer Penalty Kicks

From vlogger CyberDeviant:

Los Angeles Lakers basketball superstar Kobe Bryant takes several penalty kicks against Turkish soccer powerhouse Galatasaray’s goalie Ufuk Ceylan in Türk Telekom Arena, Istanbul, Turkey on September 25th, 2011. Bryant was visiting the club as part of his Nike Promotional Tour of Europe, 2011.

Wearing the yellow and red jersey of Galatasaray with his familiar Lakers uniform number 24, Bryant also tried his hand at goalkeeping, inviting Ceylan to take penalty kicks on him.

Ouch. Not an impressive display of athleticism on the pitch by Kobe Bryant in the least. Watching Kobe take penalty kicks is a lot like watching his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal shoot free throws, as in: not pleasant.

Granted, Bryant did manage to sneak one by the goaltender on his last attempt, but still. And his goalkeeping? Similarly brutal, although it wasn’t like Kobe was giving 100% effort, either, which essentially makes this endeavor the soccer equivalent of Kobe during the NBA’s regular season.

[H/T Pro Basketball Talk]