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(Photo) Ladies And Germs, The First Wave Of The Long-Awaited Tim Tebow Billboards…

That’s it? Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

A few weeks ago, it was reported that a disgruntled Denver Broncos fan was going to spend some of his hard-earned money to fund a pro-Tim Tebow billboard, hoping that head coach John Fox would drive by it and go, “Well, DERP! I guess if it’s on a billboard, I best do what it says and play Tim Tebow!” in his best highly-susceptible-to-roadside-advertising Homer Simpson impression. But that report was regarding disgruntled Jesse Oaks and his disgruntled band of disgruntled buddies. The Broncos fan behind the underwhelming signs you see above is Mohammad Suleiman, who works at a merchandise store in north Denver, whose electronic billboards are the canvas on which Suleiman applied his pro-Tim Tebow brush.

Via FOX 31 Denver:

“It’s still early in the season to be frustrated, but I mean fans are asking for Tebow. Why not give us a little dose of him?” Suleiman says. “If we can be heard, if we can reach the Broncos staff and make some change, that would be great.”

“I think if he (Mohammad) can convince Coach Fox to make a change, then he’s a genius,” says Tariq Suleiman, Mohammad’s brother. “I don’t think John Fox is that stubborn. What more can we do as fans to show what’s needed?”

Yep, I have to agree with Tariq on this one. If John Fox steps to the podium in the coming days and says, “After giving it serious thought — not to mention the uncanny influence of some insanely compelling and convincing electronic signs outside a store in north Denver — I have decided to bench Kyle Orton in favor of starting Tim Tebow,” well, I guess I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this. I wish Mohammad Suleiman would create a billboard informing me what to think about it. That would be awesome.

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