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Green Bay Billboard Featuring Grim Reaper Wearing Cheesehead Dies Untimely Death

One would think that before erecting the above billboard near Lambeau Field in Green Bay, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine would have done a little research, which would undoubtedly provided them with the knowledge that there are two things Wisconsinites will not put up with:

1) Co-opting and bastardizing anything related to their beloved Packers for something not associated with the franchise; and
2) Talking smack about cheese.

Sadly, the D.C.-based organization did not do the requisite amount of Dairyland fieldwork as under threat of lawsuit from Foamation, Inc., the company who manufactures the iconic foam cheeseheads, the Committee has reluctantly agreed to remove the cheesehead from the scythe-wielding Grim Reaper on the electronic sign recently put up right outside Lambeau.

Dan Kinburn, general counsel for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine discussed the decision to acquiesce and cease with their intimidation-by-cheesehead-sporting-Grim Reaper campaign (via the Toronto Star):

“We felt that we had the right under the First Amendment to do that, because this is an issue of public importance, the public health of the citizens of Wisconsin,” Kinburn said. “The message is aimed at Packer fans, average Joes, who maybe eat a little too much cheese and dairy, get overweight—it’s just not healthy.”

Brilliant start, counselor. First offend them with the inclusion of the cheesehead and then call all Packers fans — or at least a considerable portion of them — fat. Way to mend fences. Bravo.

“Wisconsin residents get bombarded with messages hundreds of times a year touting the benefits of cheese and milk,” Kinburn said. “We are trying to counter that message with a simple, fun public health message.”

Now here’s where I’ll agree with the guy. Because there truly is nothing more fun, whimsical and lighthearted than terrifying people with sinister images of Death and the impending doom which is certain to befall any weak soul who succumbs to the temptations of the state’s number one export, not to mention its place as a significant aspect of its citizens’ identity. But look, he’s wearing a cheesehead. Cute.

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