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(Video) Sports Anchor: ‘Michael Young Sharts At Shortstop Tonight’

Now that would be something to see. Texas Rangers utility infielder Michael Young walking out to his spot in the infield and sharting. It’s funny, you see, because somehow, he got the words “start” and shortstop” all intertwined (he’s like a s**t salesman with a mouthful of samples) and “shart” has an entirely different meaning than the word “start.” Surprised you didn’t know that.

What makes this video even funnier than its inadvertent poop reference contained therein already makes it is this sports anchor’s name: Mike Doocy. Heh. Doocy. I could be wrong, but I believe “Doocy” is slang for when a person takes a doozy of a deuce. If it isn’t, well, it should be.

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