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(Photos) Jenn Sterger Looks Fit, Appears To Be Doing Well

You know, it’s funny how things go sometimes. Just earlier today, I was saying to myself, “Self: I wonder how Jenn Sterger has been doing lately. It seems like it’s been quite a spell since we last heard from our favorite FSU Cowgirl-turned-Maxim-turned-Playboy model-turned-sports-media-personality-turned-pariah-turned-hard-working-gal-just-doing-her-best-to-make-it-in-show-business-girl”

After contemplating what a jumbled mess her business cards would be if she used the above description and taking a nice nap, lo and behold, what do I see as I check out what the people I follow on Twitter have been up to, I come across two tweets from the lovely and talented Jenn Sterger which let me know just exactly what she’s up to. At least today.

It appears Miss Sterger was taking part in a photo shoot this afternoon for The Daily, which touts itself as the “first national daily news publication created for the iPad.” And for that, I say, good for Jenn. She deserves at least a little bit of fortune in light of everything that has occurred, especially given the last I heard, she was shooting some pilot for Spike where she interviewed celebrities while they were bowling and I must say that somehow being affiliated with The Daily, no matter what capacity, is step up.

Best of luck, Jenn Sterger. You look great. Maybe a bit too skinny, but there are far worse things.

[via @jennifersterger]