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(Photo) Uninspired Cleveland Indians Veterans Make Rookies Pose In Underwear


Come on, man. That’s total weaksauce, guys. The above pic comes courtesy of Indians reliever Chris Perez, and while mildly amusing, it is somewhat underwhelming given the litany of much more inspired forays — not to mention the lengths — other MLB teams have gone to in order to properly and adequately humiliate their rookie players courtesy of wardrobe-based hazing rituals (the Washington Nationals Smurfing it up, for example, although there are many others). This halfhearted, lackluster effort by the veterans of the Cleveland Indians organization leaves much to be desired. I mean, it’s just a bunch of guys standing in the clubhouse in their underwear. Sure, some are captured in silly poses, but really? Next time, up the originality ante, fellas.

At least make them wear adult diapers or something. Now you might ask how that would be more amusing and if said stunt would be appropriately embarrassing. I guess as far as young men being forced to don adult diapers is concerned, I would have to say it Depends.

Note: Cleveland relief pitcher Chad Durbin also uploaded a photo where an unidentified Indians rookie is seen modeling the, uh, back end of the g-string underwear he’s wearing. If that’s your thing, you can see it here.

[image via @ChrisPerez54]