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Are Jay Cutler And Kristin Cavallari Getting Back Together Question Mark?

The couple in, uh, happier times

Ah yes, it is a fine day indeed when a sports blogger can reference a report from People during its daily dissemination of hard-hitting sports news. And today, my friends, is one of those days: rumor has it that severely beaten-upon Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and reality show star/Dancing With The Stars contestant (she’s still on the show, right? I don’t know) Kristin Cavallari might be reigniting their surly-hot, ditzy romance.

As you might recall, Cutler sent his former fiancĂ©e a good luck tweet prior to her first appearance on DWTS, and apparently, things have evolved from there. Social media: what can’t it do?

Take it away, People:

After a summer apart, though, a source tells PEOPLE the pair are “working it out.”

“They’re not officially back together but they’re definitely talking and figuring things out,” the source says.

Question: what has to occur for a couple “officially” be back together? Does a clearly-worded press release have to be issued? Must they consummate their relationship through a carefully-staged photo-op? It’s hard to say in this day and age. What I do know, however, is it is probably a good idea for Cutler to find a mate, and quickly. Given that he has suffered an unbelievable amount of abuse so early in the season — perhaps as much as should be expected over a 16-game schedule — who knows how much longer Cutler will be able to feed himself? Hey Cavallari, at the rate things are going, getting back with Jay might just mean you are solely taking on caretaker/home health care worker status for your former beau. Something to think about.

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[image courtesy of Busted Coverage]