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White Sox Interim Manager Joey Cora Has Already Been Fired…Via Text Message

After being informed just yesterday that he would serve as interim manager of the Chicago White Sox for the season’s remaining two games after Ozzie Guillen was granted a release out of his contract with the team, Joey Cora has been “fired” by general manager Kenny Williams, courtesy of the impersonal method of text message. Cora has been replaced by pitching coach Don Cooper before he even managed a game.

How it all played out in such a short amount of time, via the Chicago Sun-Times:

A team official also told reporters that Cora would serve as interim manager.

But Cora received a text this morning from Williams telling him not to bother coming to the ballpark because Cooper is taking over the team for the last two games.

Ouch. Cora, the White Sox bench coach and a longtime confidante of Guillen’s, apparently was not what Williams had in mind to replace the mercurial Guillen, and given he was likely to land on Ozzie’s staff in Florida should Guillen ultimately take the managerial position with the Marlins, it didn’t make much sense for the White Sox to retain his services for such a short period of time just for him to jump ship at season’s end.

But still: by text message? That’s cold-blooded, man.

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