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(Video) Fifth Grader Delivers Mega-Hit In Pee Wee Football League Game

Fifth grade. 5’0″ tall. 90 pounds. Hits like a freight train. Color me impressed.

On Sept. 17, New Jersey rivals Shore and Red Bank squared off in Pee Wee League football action. Shore’s Stephen Lubischer, intuitively sensing how this particular running play is developing, fills the hole and absolutely plants the Red Bank running back into the turf with textbook tackling techniques sadly rarely seen even in the NFL. A fine play to be sure.

One last thing: this kid was born in July-of-freaking-2000. Man, I feel old. Well, I seem to always feel old, so let’s just say I feel way older than I usually do which means I feel super old now. But it’s nothing some Doan’s back pills and a nice cup of Sanka won’t cure, though.

[H/T Off the Bench]