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Super Bowl XLVIII Host’s Logo Confirms 2014’s Big Game Will Be Cold And Miserable

When it was announced some time ago that a cold weather locale would be considered for the 2014 incarnation of American sport’s biggest event, many scoffed, sneered and turned their nose’s up at the thought. Then it was announced said cold weather locale was New York and everyone basically gave up because whatever New York wants, New York gets. Well, MetLife Stadium is technically in New Jersey, but we need not split hairs here.

And since it will be in the greater New York City area, it should come as no surprise that the logo for the host committee of the aforementioned Super Bowl freely concedes — perhaps even rubs people’s noses in it — that from the entire two-week buildup to the actual game itself, the festive environment could very well be fraught with freezing temperatures and wintry mixes falling from the skies, leading to abject misery for players, attendees, officials, A-listers, etc. courtesy of the inclusion of a snowflake. The logo also features the George Washington Bridge, which is a nice touch.

Not surprisingly, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is tremendously pleased with the logo (via AP):

“I think that’s great,” the NFL commissioner said Tuesday. “A little snow would be great for us. But whatever comes our way, we’re going to be prepared for it.

“We’re coming and playing in the winter, and I think that would be great,” he said. “Some of our most memorable games were played in unusual weather circumstances. Winter and cold are part of football, and snow is also.”

Winter and cold absolutely are a part of football, Mr. Goodell, and what better way to honor that inherent aspect of the grand game than by showcasing it in the sport’s biggest event? Just as long as it is held in New York, not some gross, cold weather, wintery location like Buffalo, Kansas City or, ugh, Green Bay. I mean, cold is nice and all, but if it doesn’t involve suckling at the teat of big New York money and grandiosity, I’m pretty sure old Rog will stick to warm weather climes, thank you very much.

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