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(Photos) Matt Kemp Has Just Won The Triple Crown (In Awkward Photoshoots)

Sure, Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder has an outside chance of being the league’s first triple crown winner since 1937, not to mention a real shot at winning the National League MVP for his amazing season at the plate, there is no doubt whatsoever he has no competitors and is a shoo-in to win the Triple Crown in Awkward Photoshoots by an MLB player this season.

While the statistical categories which go into being a triple crown winner in awkward photoshoots are much more subjective than the stats one needs to excel at in order to be an MLB triple crown winner, they are just as difficult to lead the league in simulataneously. They are:

1) Overt Softcore Porn Average;
2) Subtle Homoeroticism Over Replacement Photoshoot (SHORP); and
3) Amount of times teammates plaster the clubhouse with photos from said photoshoot.

And as you can plainly see yourself, the photoshoot Matt Kemp did for Flaunt Magazine makes it abundantly clear no other major leaguer has come close to dominating the above categories.

Additional profoundly awkward photos follow.

Hoo boy. Talk about taking the Timeless Art of Seduction to extremely uncomfortable levels.

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