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(Photo) John Daly’s Young Son A Spitting Image Of His Old Man

Would you look at that? They are even wearing identical pants. What we have here is John Daly imparting what I imagine to be very worthwhile wisdom on to his eight-year-old son, John, Jr., on the driving range at the Old Course in St. Andrews in advance of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. The saddest realization upon seeing this photo? Given who his daddy is, I bet John Jr. can already outdrive me. Sigh.

Further, I wonder what other hard-living life lessons John will pass on to his own personal Mini Me so John Jr. doesn’t have to go through all the troubles John Sr. has experienced: How not to behave in Hooters restaurants. Why wearing your shirt at all times is a good idea. Why chain smoking cigarettes and pounding Diet Cokes might not be what one should consider as a well-rounded, nutritious diet. How clothes really do make the man. Really, the list goes on and on.

But in all seriousness, that is a pretty cool pic. Despite everything about John Daly that raises suspicion that he might not be the best daddy, by all appearances, that does not seem to be the case. Good for him. And even better for John Jr.

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