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High School Football Game Postponed Because Of Fire Ants

Given the many ways Mother Nature is capable of interfering, delaying or in this case, postponing sporting events, a game called because the playing field has become infested with fire ants is certainly a new one. Fearing for the safety of players, officials, coaches and any other individual who might have to be on the field during play, a football game between Calhoun County and Hunter-Kinard-Tyler in South Carolina had to be postponed last Friday after a referee discovered 15-20 large, active fire ant piles on the field prior to kickoff.

Via USA Today:

Bruce Hulion with the South Carolina High School League says officials properly handled the safety issue.

The home team tried digging up the piles, as well as pouring salt on them before the game was postponed. One hometown fan offered to bring fire-ant poison.

I have to agree with this Hulion fellow. If you have ever been bitten by a fire ant, you know just how painful it can be if one of those little critters chomps down on your skin, let alone an entire hive of them. As if the uncomfortableness which occurs at the bottom of a hogpile after a fumble wasn’t bad enough, imagine it occurring smack dab on top of hundreds of frightened and angry fire ants. Yikes.

All I know is that there is one sinister creature who took great joy and delight when he heard about this story:

That’s right, kiddies. Nightmare Ant wholeheartedly approves of any fire ant infestation. He is an evil, evil ant.

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