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(Photo) Ovechkin’s Unfinished, Disembodied, Wax Sculpture Head Will Haunt Your Dreams

Dear Lord. Turns out my nightmares featuring the disembodied head of Alexander Ovechkin chasing me through a darkened forest wasn’t simply a horrific conjuration of my fractured psyche…anymore. Nope, now it is all too real, or at least has a counterpart in the material world. Sure, the source of my terror was initially planted in my head some time ago due to the CCM’s twisted Alexander Ovechkin Floating Head commercial from last year, but that at least had some whimsical aspects to it to minimize the sense of paralyzing dread, but not this frightening image.

Courtesy of Darren Rovell’s Twitter account (via D.C. Sports Bog), the nightmare fuel you see above is a photo of a sculptor completing the initial preparations on the waxen, incredibly lifelike head of the Washington Capitals superstar for the eventual attachment to its currently headless body for display at Madame┬áTussauds wax museum in downtown Washington, D.C.

Is it just me, or does that thing give anyone else the heebie-jeebies? The eyes. So cold. So aware. So…