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Oh, Glorious Day! Mascot Stomper The Bear’s Head Has Been Returned!

Earlier this week, we were dismayed to report the sad story of how the head of the mascot costume for Stomper the Bear had been stolen. The Lake Erie Crushers family was devastated by the news that their beloved mascot’s costume had been defiled by cretinous criminals and sent out a desperate plea for the perpetrators of the heinous crime to return the cranial costume accessory.

Well, whether it was deep-seated guilt boiling to the surface or the weirdo who made off with the mascot head simply grew tired of doing whatever it was he or she was doing with it (don’t want to think about it), Stomper’s head was discovered Thursday, hidden underneath a tarp near a building outside All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, Ohio.

From a hard-hitting FOX 8 Cleveland report (via Yahoo!):

Earlier this week the team and fans talked to Fox 8 about the loss and made a public request for the head’s return.

It’s custom-made and costs several thousand dollars.

strong> Before the head turned up, the Crushers ordered a replacement.

The team plans to keep the back-up mascot head.

Yeah, keep the back-up mascot head. Good thinking. Better than tossing it in the garbage, right? Because I highly doubt the mascot costume maker accepts returns. What are they going to do with it?

And wait. Several thousand dollars? For a mascot costume? Or are they referring to just the head of the dang thing? And who knew mascot costume making was such a lucrative business? Man, did I make the wrong career choice. Do you have any idea what kind of scam you could pull with a partnership between a nefarious mascot costume making company and a den of thieves? Imagine it: send the thieves in to steal various parts of mascot costumes from minor league ballparks throughout the country and then just wait for the replacement orders to come rolling in. It’s the perfect crime, not that I would ever advise actually following through on such a thing.

Game On! Crushers Mascot Head Returned [FOX 8 Cleveland (via Yahoo!)]